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S-Tek Certified-Professional Accountancy & MIS Specialist (SC-PAMS)


SC-PAMS Student Testimonial                                                                                                                                                 C.A. Testimonial on SC-PAMS Course

Course Objective:

The objective of this course is to make every commerce/finance or management student:
-Learn the practical side of manual and automated accounting, taxation and banking system with the cutting edge IT technology.
-To prepare them for handling the responsibility as an Accounts Executive to Asst. Accounts Manager in any organization.
-The complete course is a combination of Business Accounting and Taxation knowledge with real world application of IT and Business Analytics to make them the most sought after Accounting and MIS professionals.

Module 1- Business Automation and Accountancy Foundation

Module Objective: The objective of this module is to prepare the student with in-depth knowledge of Business Automation Tools and Tally to handle daily business accounting system of any organization. The participant learns the use of Advanced Excel tools for making reports useful for management.

  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Ms Word
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms PowerPoint
  • Internet Basics
  • Ms Outlook
  • Accounting and Book-keeping Basics
  • Capital & Revenue Transaction
  • Ledgers, Cash Book, Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Trial Balance and Balance Sheet
  • Tally Basics.
  • Company Creation in Tally.
  • Inventory Records.
  • Ledger Entry.
  • Journal Entry.
  • Profit $ Loss Account, Balance Sheet.
  • Sorting, Advance Filtering, Data Validation.
  • Lookup & Reference Functions.
  • Logical Functions.
  • Statistical Functions.
  • Date and Time Functions .
  • Math and Trignometry Functions .
  • Financial Functions .
  • Pivot Tables and Sparklines.

Module 2- Professional Accountancy with Business Analytics

Module Objective: The objective of this module is to prepare the student with in-depth knowledge of Taxation, Banking and financial reporting in Tally to handle the job role of a Senior Accounts Executive in any organization. On completion of this modules, the student will be able to calculate various taxes , file tax returns through Tally and generate different Financial and MIS reports as required by the management for Business Analytics using Advanced Excel features.

  • Account Reconciliation and Depreciation.
  • Taxation System in India.
  • TDS and TCS
  • Indian Companies Act.
  • Indian Contract Act.
  • Filing Returns.
  • Banking.
  • Types of Loans.
  • Payroll.
  • Voucher Types in Tally.
  • POS.
  • Tally Audit.
  • Inward and Outward Supply of Goods.
  • Sales Invoice
  • Purchase Invoice.
  • Tax Credit.
  • Importance of Reporting.
  • Audit Reporting.
  • Government Reports.
  • Corporate Financial Reporting.
  • MIS Reporting.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Power Pivots
  • Depreciation Function.
  • VBA.
  • ASAP Utilities.
  • Dashboards in Excel.
  • Use of PowerPivots for Data Analysis
  • Use of Power Queries for Data Analysis.
  • Speaking and Conversation.
  • Business Communication
  • Body Language.
  • Report Writing and Group Discussions.
  • Interview Preparation.

Module 3: Digital Finance & MIS Specialist

Module Objective: The objective of this module is to prepare the student with in-depth knowledge of Database Management system and Digital Finance systems to handle the complete Accounting system of any organization. The student will get practical knowledge on other ERP software apart from Tally to become a Specialist on Accounting and MIS systems. The student with the right qualification and knowledge will be offered a job immediately for the role of Asst. Accounts Manager.

  • DBMS Concepts.
  • Data Import, Data Manipulation in DBMS.
  • Data Mining.
  • Database Designing.
  • Working with Forms .
  • Working with Reports.
  • Financial Management and Control.
  • Financial Analysis and Planning.
  • Online Payment Methods.
  • Security threats on digital finance.
  • Safety Methods adopted.
  • Digital Signatures.
  • Walkthrough popular ERP software.

SC-PAMS - Internship

S-Tek offers Internship as part of the course to the students by placing them in various companies to work as trainees. The objective of Internship is to make students :
Understand the working pattern and nature of work in accounts and Finance department
Work on real assignments as a part of the team
Apply concepts and knowledge gained from the training and understand practical difficulties br>Handle day to day work of Accounts and Finance to gain practical experience
Get ready for placement by the same organization or other company on completion of the Internship
Duration : 2 – 6 months
Stipend Salary : Rs. 5000/- to 7500/- pm*

SC-PAMS Placement Assistance

S-Tek provides 100% Placement Assistance to all the students who complete their course and Internship. S-Tek has Done Internship and Placement tie-ups with various organizations who require candidates having the right knowledge and practical work experience. br>Given an opportunity to the students to work in these companies as trainees during internship and if the company is impressed with the student’s work, capabilities and approach, they are absorbed in the same company.
Periodically conducts CAMPUS INTERVIEWS and participates in JOB FAIRS for placement tie-up with companies
Candidates are sent to various companies for interviews and are selected by company based on their knowledge and practical application of the course learnt during Internship.
Designation offered : Asst. Accounts Exec. to Sr. Accounts Exec.
Job Salary : Rs. 12000/- to Rs. 15000/- pm* (for Freshers)

SC-PAMS Student Testimonial