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Job oriented courses

Hardware, Networking and Security Systems

Module Objective:

With every organisation heavily depending on IT, computer networks and security has become the heart beat of company management. Keeping the company's IT infrastructure in secured condition has become a top priority for every organisation. This need has created oppurtunities for youngsters who would like to take up Networking and Security as a career option. Our course module prepares the candidates to handle all the aspects of IT infrastructure and security systems and are given the best practical knowledge to become job ready in 6 months. Hardware, Networking and Security companies have good no. of job requirements and offer a good start to these course aspirants.

  • Introduction to Computers.
  • Parts of Computers
  • Concept of Hardware and Software.
  • Memory.
  • Devices.
  • Introduction to OS, DOS.
  • CPU Generation and x86.
  • Expansion Slots.
  • BIOS Setup.
  • Installation of Operating System.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Virus and Anti-Virus.
  • Network Concept.
  • Introduction to LAN.
  • Wireless Technology.
  • Concept of Peer.
  • Types of Computing.
  • OSI Model.
  • TCP/IP Protocol.
  • Concept of Subnet Mask.
  • Introduction to WAN.
  • Introduction to X.25 Devices.
  • DLCI.
  • Point to Point Protocol
  • Networking Concepts.
  • Internet Terminology
  • CCTV Camera Details and Types
  • CCTV Camera installation steps.
  • Biometric Systems