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Job oriented courses

Ms office/CCC

Module Objective:

1.This Module gives all basic knowledge about computer.
2.It helps the person to formulate the files in word,excel and power point.
3.After completing the course the person will be able to use the computer for preparing his personal/business letters,viewing information on internet(the web),receving and sending mails,preparing business presentations,preparing small database etc.

  • Computer Introduction and Definition.
  • Input Output Devices.
  • CPU, (ALU, Control Unit, Memory).
  • Hardware and Software.
  • Operating System Fundamentals.
  • Creating Folders.
  • Utilities.
  • Introduction for Word Processor Packages.
  • Application for Word Processor.
  • Basic Editing Operations.
  • Creating Multiple Columns.
  • Inserting Page Breaks.
  • Spelling Checking.
  • Table Operations.
  • What is Spreadsheet?
  • Advantages and Features of Excel Spreadsheet.
  • What is Power Point?
  • Using Formatting Commands on slides.
  • Introduction to Internet.
  • Hardware and Software Requirements.