Trainer Profiles

Ms. Farida Musaddi Ms. Shaheen KhanMr. Gayakant Mishra
Training HeadTrainerTrainer
Has completed her graduation and
post-graduation from Mumbai University in
the field of Computer Science. She has been
a professor for I.T. and Comp Sci. students
and has been closely associated with the
academic industry for the past 12 years now.
Her previous roles include lecturer for degree
and post grad students, HOD of I.T department
for junior college, author for IT books, content
developer for various university distance
education programs, online lecturer for distance
education students of various universities,
examiner, moderator as well as a freelance
software developer.
Shaheen has completed her Bachelor’s
and Master’s degree in the field
of Computer Science from Mumbai
University in the year 2017
and has since been working
as a trainer with STek.
She carries in depth knowledge
of various programming languages
like C, C++, Basic and Advanced Java,
VB.NET, ASP.NET as well as
has worked with Databases and web
technologies. She has acquired
certification in MS. Office and CorelDraw.

Having completed his graduation in Arts,
Gayakant has worked with various organizations
where his major role was to perform data
analytics using Ms. Excel and extensive use of Internet
He has also worked earlier as a computer
and graphics faculty at one of the computer
institutes in Mumbai. Owing to his
close working with Ms. Office, Gayakant carries
in-depth knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
Outlook, Access as well as Advanced Excel features.
Apart from this he is also well versed in graphics-
CorelDraw and Photoshop.
Gayakant also conducts lectures in Tally,
Tally GST and HTML.