S-Tek Certified Digital Marketing

Course Objective

S-Tek Digital Marketing is a training wing of India’s leading training provider “Speakwell Skills Academy Pvt. Ltd. At S-Tek, we offer training in the area of Digital Marketing. We train you on how to undertake project on SEO (Search Engine
Marketing) or SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Introduction to Marketing & Branding
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Traditional v/s Digital Marketing
  • Factors for Rise of Digital marketing
  • Introduction to SEO, SEM, Social Media, Google Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing & Other Important modules
  • Introduction (What & Why)
  • Importance of Website/Blog Planning
  • Phases Website Design Process (Analysis, Planning, Design, Content,
  • development, testing, deployment)
  • How to Choose Niche
How to Make Website/Blog
  • Steps to Start a Blog (Choose Platform, Domain name, Hosting, Installation, Design & layout) with WordPress
  • Explore WordPress Dashboard
  • Setting up & Editing Theme
  • Creating Pages on the Website/Blog
  • Publishing Blogs & Articles
  • Plugins & Widgets
  • Blogging stats, facts & insights
Customer Research
  • Introduction(What & Why)
  • Customer Persona Creation Steps/Questions
  • Example of Customer Personas
Introduction to SEO
  • How Search Engine Works
  • SEO v/s SEM
  • Introduction to SEO (On Page & Off Page)
Keyword Research
  • Buyer Persona
  • Finding Seed keywords
  • Low hanging fruits (Long tail keywords)
  • Prioritize final List of keywords
On Page SEO
  • On Page Introduction
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Basic HTML tags (Only Relevant to SEO)
  • On Page Meta Tags
  • Content
  • Website Architecture
Technical On Page SEO
  • txt
  • URL
  • XML Sitemap
  • Canonicalization
  • Schema
  • Broken Links
  • What to avoid in On Page (Black HAT SEO)
Off Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO Introduction
  • What is Link building & its Anatomy
  • Importance of Backlinks
  • Backlinks (do follow and no follow)
  • Inbound & Outbound Links
  • Types of Links (Good & Bad)
Advance Off Page SEO
  • Anchor Text – Variation
  • What to Avoid in Link BuildingDifferent Ways to do Link Building (Directories, Articles, Content marketing, Guest Blogging, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking etc.)
  • Content is HIGH Quality and Unique and Well Researched
  • What to Avoid in Link Building
SEO Audits & Measurement
  • Factors to perform SEO Audit
  • On Page SEO Audit
  • Off Page SEO Audit
  • Content audit
  • Brand Audit
SEO Audits & Measurement
  • What are algorithms
  • Algorithm timeline (History)
  • Algorithm Effects (Case Studies)
  • SEO Reporting
Introduction to SEM – Fundamentals & Case studies
  • What is SEM?
  • Why Google Ads?
  • Where do Google ads show (networks, devices)?
  • Ads Terminologies
  • How Does the SEM Auction Work?
  • Structure of an Ads Account
Setting Up Google Ads Campaign
  • Campaign Types – Introduction to Search, Display (including Videos), Shopping and Mobile-specific campaign types, and when/why to use them.
  • Creation of SN Campaign
  • Ad
    • Ad Formats
    • Ad Text Policies
    • Ad Text Best Practices
  • DKI
  • Ad Extensions
Keywords, Ads, Landing Pages & Bidding
  • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Planner & Estimator
  • Keyword Match types
  • Landing Page
  • Bidding and Budget
  • Optimizing the SN Campaign using the KW Planner, Match types, Ad Text best practices, etc.
Display Network, Ad Formats & More
  • Introduction to Google Display Network
  • Display Campaigns – Targeting Options – including remarketing introduction
  • Display Ad Formats
  • Ad Gallery Tool
  • Create two GDN Campaigns:
    • Demographic, Topic, Interest and Placement Targeting
    • Remarketing lists
  • Conversion Tracking – Set up process
Mobile Ads
  • Mobile-specific Ad Campaigns
  • Optimization Strategies
  • Creating different Mobile Optimize Ads
YouTube Promotions Video Ads
  • What is YouTube Marketing & Why its Important?
  • YouTube Account Set up
  • How to optimize Videos for SEO & Rankings
  • Different Types of Videos to create for YouTube
  • How to Market YouTube Channel & Videos
  • How to Run YouTube Advertising Campaign
  • YouTube Analytics
Performance Tracking
  • Why Reporting is Important
  • Important Metrics to Monitor
  • Report Editor – Running different types of reports
  • Account Audit Demo – Wordstream Account Audit Tool (or any other relevant free/paid tools). Preferably Free.
Introduction to Social Media
  • Gain a strong fundamental understanding of how Social Media Marketing works and its importance in the Digital Marketing mix.
  • Importance of Social Media in India
  • Introduction to popular Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)
Creating Effective Content on Social Media
  • Learn how to create content and build an effective content plan for Facebook & Social Media marketing platforms.
  • Use free online tools to create images and Video for Social Media
  • Tools: Canva

Facebook Marketing & Advertising
  • Learn how to use Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads to drive brand awareness, leads and sales for businesses and brands.
  • Learn how to measure the success of your Facebook Marketing efforts.
Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots
  • Advantages using FB Marketing Chatbots
  • How chatbot marketing is different than other marketing channels
  • Use Cases/Case Studies for Facebook Marketing Chatbots
  • Learn about How to Build Chatbots
Twitter & LinkedIn Marketing
  • Learn how to use Twitter and LinkedIn to drive brand awareness, leads, and sales for businesses and brands,
  • Learn how to measure the success of your Twitter and LinkedIn Marketing efforts
Instagram and Snapchat Marketing
  • Learn how to use Instagram and Snapchat for marketing
  • Learn how to measure the success of your Instagram and Snapchat  Marketing efforts
Pinterest Marketing & Social Media Strategy
  • Learn how to use Pinterest for marketing
  • Learn how to measure the success of your Pinterest Marketing efforts
  • Craft a strategy to drive brand awareness, leads, and sales for businesses and brands, through social media marketing.
  • Leverage various tools to improve the efficiency of your Social Media Marketing efforts.
Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing
  • Introduction to Affiliate marketing
  • Fundamental of Niche Selection
  • How to find buyers & get traffic
Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  • Framework to find profitable affiliate products
  • How to get approved by most of the affiliate networks
  • Affiliate marketing tools
Affiliate Marketing Live Challenge
  • Introduction to the challenge
  • How to create user friendly affiliate links
  • 10 niche affiliate site principles to live by
  • Automate Link your Link Building
Email Marketing
  • Why market your business with email?
  • What is Email Automation?
  • Benefits of Email Automation
  • When to send emails- 10 Automated Emails
  • Tips for Effective Automated Emails
Setting up Email Marketing Campaign
  • Mailchimp account set up
  • Add Opt-ins & popups to your site
  • Create Email Campaigns with Mailchimp
  • Writing killer Subject lines
  • Email marketing analytics
  • Introduction to ORM
  • Types of ORM Campaigns
  • ORM Activities
  • Measurement Tools
  • Reporting
Quora Marketing
  • Why Market your business on Quora
  • Quora Marketing Strategy
  • Build a List of Questions to Answer
  • Quora Promotion
  • Find a Blog post idea with Quora
  • Quora Business Page setup
  • Quora Analytics
Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Why Digital Analytics
  • Google Analytics Overview
  • How google analytics works
  • Google Analytics Setup/Demo Account
  • How to add backup views
  • How to add filters to reporting views
Google Analytics Reporting
  • Audience Overview
  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • How to set up Goals
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Reporting to Clients
Starting Career in Digital Marketing
  • Different Career streams in Digital
  • Know your PASSION
  • CV Preparation
  • Interview Grooming